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NGE (VietNam)

Main Service

Engineering Service

NGE Vietnam can meet our clients' needs with an array of quality mechanical, electrical, and industrial process services. These include design, planning, design-build, project management and lead consulting. Our reputation is built on creating engineered solutions...

Mechanical, Electrical & Instrument Design and Installation

 Electrical Work + High Voltage Work and Low Voltage Work+ Lighting Installation+ Wiring & Control Work+ MCC , Control and MDB Panel Work+ Electrical PLC Program and Control Wiring+ Maintenance and Repair Work   Mechanical Work +...

Factory Automation design, supervision and Installation

+ Process Cotrol panel sesign+ PLC programming+ SCADA design and program

Factory Maintenance service

 NGE Vietnam can offer 24/7 maintenance services to keep your plant running and provide solutions for corrective and preventive maintenance 

Machinery consultancy, supervision and installation

Installation of presses, machine tools, plastics injection machinery, tire rubber machinery , chillers, air handling units, boiler plant , dust extraction and process lines etc. with all mechanical and electrical services to installed machinery where requ...

Process Instrument testing and calibration

Provide Engineer and accessories to perform I/O test, Loop test. Instrument transmitter test and calibration 

Air-conditioning / Ventilation Design and installation

NGE Vietnam can design and construct air conditioning or ventilation system, whether it be for your office, factory or other industrial application. We will also carry out electrical and controls installation to your requirements.Installations include:+ Split...

Supply and Installation Clean Room Equipment

NGE Vietnam can offer a full range of clean room supply and installation capabilities. This can include full turnkey projects that include all plant, ductwork, walls, floors, ceilings, control systems, internal fittings, storage equipment, site management...

Electrical power Harmonic Analyzer service

Service: Monitor and record the quality of electrical power. Monitor and analyze the harmonic distortion and its effect on factory equipment and machinery.